Literate Liquors Episode 1 now live!

Literate Liquors is my new video show where I do book and booze pairings. If you’ve ever wondered what’s the best drink to go with Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles, this is the show for you! We talk about books and booze, two of my favorite things.

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4 thoughts on “Literate Liquors Episode 1 now live!

  1. John this video show is fun, funny, and brilliant! Kudos on a fabulous idea that will surely earn you new fans. I’m going to blog about it next week. What a terrific idea.

    By the way, my tuxedo kitty, Smudge, could be your kitty’s short-haired brother.

  2. Love the idea. And I love the fact that I can get it for my kindle free (prime membership). As for the booze… This late fall or early winter (late winter is just too damn depressing to drink up here) if you find yourself someplace cold try this: 3 shots Irish cream (I like St. Brendan’s over the big brands) with one shot brandy on the rocks in a tub glass that you rim with Jameson and Sugar in the Raw. Goes great with shitty weather, harrowing adventures, warm fireplaces, old cats and good cigars. I would also listen to some Apocalyptica or Ed Alleyne-Johnson while reading.
    Keep up the great work.
    And I just got to say this… If HBO is so nuts for the Sookie Books, they need a counterpart show for us men: Bubba the Monster Hunter.

  3. John: I am about half-way through Frost Moon (I borrowed and then bought it @ Amazon, liking it that much!) and just bought the second book. Thanks much for the recommendation! I am even getting my wife to read it them. Looking forward to next month’s listing.

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