ConCarolinas Show Report

Last weekend was my first time as a guest at ConCarolinas, and I had an awesome time. Last year I couldn’t attend this con because I had already bought a table space at HeroesCon and couldn’t do both. This year they are not on the same weekend, and I am loving it! I had a great time hanging out with all my friends from Magical Words, as well as some other good friends like Gail Martin and Stuart Jaffe. I also met some new great friends like my brother from another mother, James Tuck, author of the Deacon Chalk urban fantasy series. It’s awesome, you should buy it! I was on several panels, had some great conversations with some fans, and generally had an awesome time.

And I sold a shitload of books. I sold almost completely out of the Bubba print collection, and had to reorder those and Hard Day’s Knight for Fandom Fest and Heroes. I was amazed at how Bubba was flying off the table, but then I realized that you tell folks it’s Larry the Cable Guy meets The Dresden Files, and that’s worth $15 right there. I hope they all enjoy those stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.

And I also corralled a lot of my writerly friends into appearing on Literate Liquors with me. So over the next few weeks you’ll see a bunch of new episodes, and I’ll be taping more at Fandom Fest and Heroes Con. I hope you’ll make it out to one of those shows. In the meantime, here’s the newest Literate Liquors video, featuring James R. Tuck.



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2 thoughts on “ConCarolinas Show Report

  1. So, I am watching this video/podcast slash-whatever.

    Two guys in black tees. One looks like you could call him Falstaff. Wasn’t J.H. (not a typo)

    First time in history you looked petite.

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