They be my eyes. I’m dragging a little, it’s been a hell of a few days. They were great, but busy, and I’m a bit wore out, as we say in the country.

Saturday I taught a workshop for Carolina Learning Connection on self-publishing. The small but enthusiastic class was awesome, and we easily used up the four hours allotted. I have another class coming up in two weeks on Self-Promotion and Social Media. If you’re interested in learning how better to promote yourself and your writing online, come on out and see me! Here’s registration info.

Saturday afternoon we went to a baby shower for a couple of friends who are expecting their first. It was cool, and since it was a theatre couple having the baby, I got to see a bunch of my theatre friends.

Then Sunday morning I went over to the Crown Plaza to the Charlotte Comicon, which was awesome! This is a one-day con that happens three times each year, and I’ve been attending for several years now. It used to be a small con, but there were probably 800 people through the doors this weekend! In a six-hour span! I sold a bunch of books, and I am now completely out of Back in Black and Knight Moves. I do not plan to re-order until they are available from Bell Bridge Books, with new cover and new contents.

By the way, I’ve seen the work in progress for the Omnibus cover and it is AWESOME!

And no, I can’t show you yet.

Yes, I’m that guy. I just did that. Sorry. I promise I’ll post it here and all over Facebook and Twitter as soon as it’s finalized and I’m allowed. And you can see it in person at Dragon*Con. Just the cover, though. We’re pretty certain that the omnibus will not be ready for Dragon. And it isn’t the publisher holding things up, they’re moving super-quick. But the revisions to Back in Black took a while, and that’s on me. But I’ll have them for NY Comic Con!

So Sunday after I left Charlotte Comicon, I drove down to my family’s place in South Carolina to celebrate those of us who have August birthdays (you can buy me shit off my Amazon wish list here, or just buy me Magic Cards. Damn you, Sanderson! I blame you for this new addiction!). We were also celebrating the engagement of my youngest niece, which is awesome! We had a great time, had homemade ice cream, hot dogs, burgers, and crap like that.

Then I cam home and worked on line edits for Back in Black, and today I drove my dad to the VA hospital in Columbia for an eye appointment. Which isn’t very far, except instead of going from Charlotte to Columbia and back (3 hours drive), I had to go get my dad, making the trip from Charlotte to Bullock Creek to Columbia to Bullock Creek to Charlotte (5.5 hours). We were both whooped when we got done, but it’s always awesome to spend time with my dad, so that made it more than worth it.

Tomorrow I’m diving in to the revisions for Knight Moves, and I’m reading stories for The Big Bad when I take breaks. Not that I get breaks. It’s a crazy time right now, pretty much from now ’til Dragon Con, but it’s the life I chose, and I love it.

Hope y’all are awesome, and you should totally go buy Blood and Silver, my buddy James’ new book. It released today, so go check it out!

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  1. August birthdays are the best! And I’m not just saying that because mine was last Thursday.

    Keep an eye on your email. 😉

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