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Hey folks, just a quick heads-up on availability of the Black Knight Chronicles books. Part of my book deal was licensing the rights to the existing Black Knight books to Bell Bridge. That’s why we’ve spent all summer polishing them, revising them, working on new covers, etc. That does mean that at the end of this month, the books will be going away from all sites for a little while. They’ll be off Amazon for a day or so while I get the new files uploaded. They’ll be off Barnes & Noble and Smashwords starting when I leave for Dragon Con. So if you’re desperate to have the original editions, you should grab those now. But you won’t hurt my feelings if you wait for the new editions to come out, especially if you’d rather have them all in one place, like the omnibus. This is mostly a “don’t freak out, I’m not dead or retired” post to let you know what’s going on if you want to order the books one day and can’t find them. They’ll be back in a day or so, it’s just part of the transition. I’m really, really happy with how the revisions have gone, and I think you will be too. The guys are the same guys they’ve always been, only better. We’re almost done revising¬†Knight Moves, then I’ll dive back in, rewrite¬†Paint it Black, and you guys should have that in the first half of next year. Sorry for the delay, but in the long run it will make it a better book, and make Books 5 & 6 even better still!

Come see me at Dragon Con in two weeks! Oh God, Dragon Con is in two weeks! I gotta get ready.

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5 thoughts on “Availability Update

  1. I am so very excited about the Omnibus! Am looking forward to the continuation of the series, love those guys!! Keep up the good work, we all appreciate it!

  2. I must have misunderstood. No new Black Knight book? At all.Until sometime next year. Why was I under the impression you’ve been working on the new book- ah because that’s what you told us on twitter.
    I love your work, love the series & even pay Amazon’s ridiculous prices for your latest. This is too much. I’m sure you think I’m a pathetic fan who doesn’t understand the pressure you’re under etc.etc. No. Just a fan who has been waiting, waiting & now waiting another 5-6 months? No thanks.
    My favorite authors : Jim Butcher, Nelson DeMille, Lee Child & you. The others have delivered or have given definite dates.
    I will, sadly, move on. I can barely remember where the boys left off at this point! :,(
    Not trying to be rude or offend- just one person who is explaining why I’m out. Good luck with your other fans, who, like me are going to freak out.I know this because we all talk, discuss possibilities for new book, etc.
    Bet nobody guessed it’s just a book full of all the stories we’ve read.

  3. I’m terribly sorry. I hate to disappoint any of my fans, and certainly expected the new Black Knight book to be out this year. The first draft is written, and now once I get through the release process I’ll go back through and start revising it and making it the best book that I can. When I switched from self-publishing to a traditional publishing model, it added a lot of time to the process. Hope you’ll come back and give me another shot sometime.

  4. Now I feel terrible. I didn’t understand about the publishing aspect. I was just sooo disappointed -it seems like forever to me! My apologies for acting like a child.
    But, I have to tell you that’s how I felt- lol. Like a kid who had their candy taken away.
    I will occupy myself with other books & reread my Black Knight books, so I’ll remember what happened in the last one.And of course buy the new ones in a hot second.
    Thanks for the info, I appreciate the time you took to explain.

  5. Don’t sweat it, Patty. It seems like forever to me too, sometimes. But I’m really thrilled with the revisions we’ve done on the first three books and I think that when I get to rewriting Book IV here in the next couple of months it will be all the stronger for the work we’ve done.

    Thanks for reading!

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