Next week might be thirty days long…

But it looks to be productive as a mofo.

You might have heard that there’s a little political convention rolling into Charlotte over Labor Day weekend. Well, the DNC (and RNC for that matter) brings with it a flaming shit-ton of media, parties, and other types of gig work for your friendly neighborhood theatre types. And since I’m not yet so wealthy that I can just randomly turn down lucrative work, I’ll be spending Monday – Wednesday working 8-12 hour days helping set up the Google tent and whatever else they’ve got going on.

Yeah, so the three days before I go to the biggest fantasy con of the year, I’m working my nuts off on things that have nothing to do with getting ready for Dragon*Con. I did mention this gig pays well, right? Because that’s the only thing that makes it smart for me to do this. But do this I shall.

Then I’m off to Dragon*Con. I’m sharing a booth in the bottom of the Marriott with a bunch of other fantasy writers, many of whom you know from Magical Words. I’m only on a couple of panels so far, but I may end up on more and may end up stepping in to do some moderator duty if needed.

I will definitely be at the following –

Saturday – 11:30 AM – Westin International Room BC – Pulp History with Bobby Nash, Van Allen Plaxico, James Tuck and Barry Reese.

Sunday – 2:30 PM – Hyatt Embassy Room D-F – Spotlight on Bell Bridge Books

Otherwise, look for me in Booth 100&102 in the Marriott, or hit me up on Twitter if you want to get together. My mornings are pretty free, and I plan to be in the booth every afternoon but Sunday, when I’m booked at BBB stuff.

I’ll have bookmarks with the new Hard Day’s Knight/Omnibus cover and Read Recklessly buttons to give away, plus t-shirts and books to sell. Hope to see you in Atlanta!

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  1. I have to ask the million dollar question now that I saw the Bubba origin story (Family Tradition) is out. Is this going to be added to a collection with “Sixteen Tons” like Monsters Beware and Mashed? or stand alone?

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