December – February Class and Con updates

So hey there. It’s hard to get back in the habit of blogging regularly when you’ve been the kind of slackass I have lately, but I’m working on it. Just wanted to pop by and give y’all a heads up on the classes I’ll be offering and the cons I’ll be attending in the next couple of months. All these classes are offered through Carolina Learning Connection, and you can click the linky to sign up.

December 29 – Self-Promotion and Marketing for the Writer – this is how to use social media to sell yourself, how to market your book, how to dress and behave at conventions, essentially the entire guide to how to sell yourself and your books, all in a 4-hour workshop.

January 5 – The Next Step – What to do with a short story or manuscript after you’ve finished it. We’ll talk about all the various forms of publishing from magazines and literary journals to self-publishing or selling s series to a NY publisher.

January 19 – Self-Publishing – We’ll talk about what it is, what it isn’t, why should, why you shouldn’t, and what to expect from a self-publishing experience.

February 5-26 (One Night per Week) – Novel Writing – We’ll go through the whole thing – the outlines, the pantsing, the character development, the turning points, the two and three-act structure, word count, world-building, the whole nine yards. Then you’ll need to go take The Next Step class to figure out what to do with it.

February 27-March 13 (one night per week) – Short Story Writing – like the one above, but for short stories. Duh.

March 30 – Teaching Self-Promotion again. Most writers need this more than any class I teach. Less of them sign up for it. Silly writers.


Conventions and Appearances – 

Sunday 12/16 – Charlotte Comicon – Come on out to our new, larger location and check out this awesome one-day family-friendly con! I’ll be there with books, t-shirts and other awesome Christmas gifts.

January 11-13 – Illogicon 2 – I went up to hang out at this new con last year, now I’m going back as a guest! Should be a lot of fun, but still pretty low-key. I dig low-key.

February 22-24 – Mysticon – This will be my first trip to Mysticon, so y’all come out and make a brother feel welcome!

So that’s what I’m up to the next few months. Come out and say hello, especially this weekend at the Charlotte ComiCon!

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