So apparently I’m an editor now.

Well, I guess I have been for some time, ever since I decided to publish The Big Bad (yes, edits on stories are happening, yes, the project is still going, unfortunately the real world kinda exploded for me and my co-editor earlier this year, so we’re getting things back on track, I promise).

But now that I’m taking on clients it brings a whole new perspective on things.

1) I’ve said before that I’m never more an expert on a subject than when I have to teach a class on it. Well, I can certainly see how editing will improve one’s writing, too. The more I pick apart someone else’s weak sentences, passive voice, call them on head-hopping or just nitpick their word choice, the more precise I become with my own work. And that’s nothing but a good thing.

2) Editing for me is harder than writing. Working to figure out what someone else wanted to say and make sure that their work is coming out in the best possible light is something I take very seriously, much more seriously than I take the upcoming story about the Iguanaconda.

3) But seriously, isn’t the Iguanaconda the greatest thing you’ve ever heard of! I know, right!?!

4) Yes, I’m serious.

So I’ve got room on my plate for about two more novel-length works for January, then I’m booking into February. So if you’d like my help on your book, shoot me an email and I’ll get you a quote. It averages out to about $.005/word for full editing. If all you need is proofreading or ebook conversion, that’s way cheaper.

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