A couple of those weeks . . .

I’ve been pretty buried this week, and I’ll be almost totally radio silence next week, so don’t lose hope, I’m still alive, just working my ass off trying to pay the bills.

But first – big news for Black Knight Chronicles fans – Book 4 has been delivered! To my publisher, that is. But the fact is that the long wait is almost over, we’re getting ready to start edits on it, and I really hope to have it delivered to folks this summer. In my dream world, I’d have print copies for ConCarolinas in June, but I haven’t even started that conversation with my publisher yet, and it depends on how much work the book needs before it gets to you fine folks. But the first draft (that they’ve seen, about the third draft for me) is in the hands of the fine folks at Bell Bridge Books, so we’re moving forward!

I’m still writing Bubba stuff, and there will be a Bubba story this month, but it will be the last week of January, because I’ve been covered up and see no end to that in the near future. Which is good, but it does slow down some of my output.

The editing thing is starting to take off. I’m currently full for the next four weeks, so if you have a manuscript you’d like me to work on with you, understand that I won’t touch it until Mid-February. I only work on one book at a time, so that slows me down a little, but it gives my undivided attention to each project, so I think it’s a fair trade.

Next week I’m not writing or editing, I’m playing lighting designer again. I’m working on two shows at the same time – Seasons for a local dance company and Next to Normal for a small theatre company here in town. If you’re around, come check them out. Both shows are pretty innovative in their own way, and Next to Normal features some amazing actors. I watched rehearsal last night and was blown away. So I’ll be living in the dark all next week, except for my post on Magical Words, which honestly, I’ll probably write this weekend and schedule it so that I don’t forget.

So there we are, a brief update, but an update nonetheless. And yes, Paint it Black will happen sometime this year, I promise!


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