HeroesCon 2013

Come see me this weekend at HeroesCon 2013! I’ll be in booth AA-2017, near the concession stands and the restrooms. Yep, I get the best tables in restaurants, too. Nah, that’s just what I get for registering late. But near the loo is actually a pretty good place to be at an exhibit hall. And I’ve got some new product to share with folks, including The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil, just released from Dark Oak Press. This horror anthology features 30 stories where the only restriction on the subject matter was – the protagonist must be a “bad guy.” So we’ve got werewolves, vampires, zombies, wizards, dragons and plain old humans. It’s also available on ebook for only $2.99 and trade paperback and hardcover wherever books are sold.

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One thought on “HeroesCon 2013

  1. Nice to see the Indy’s are acknowledging the price point for ebooks to provide the readers a share of the reduced publishing cost they deserve. I just looked at a Kindle book for $9.99 with the paperback for $9.38 and that’s before the 4 for 3 offer dropping the paper version substantively below. Then, the major publishers wonder why pirating is happening. Could it be the resentment of being taken for fools? [soapbox mode off}

    BTW, thought about distributing a collection on an SD card? A small one is under 5-bucks. At the price of paperback, you could really do a nice package at your HeroesCon of the introductory books in a series and some short stories. It’d offer value and a promotional aspect. You might include friends stuff that were similar to promote them along with your stuff.

    BTW, nice to know you are still there. Not that my blog is very active either. Doing any summer stock?

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