Amazing Grace Origin & Cemetery Walk

I’ve talked before about how Amazing Grace is loosely based on the small town where I grew up, and that the idea came to me while I was walking in the cemetery at the church I went to as a child. So I thought people might enjoy it if I took y’all on a walk through that same cemetery. And here it is – If you join my Patreon, you get these videos early and more exclusive content!

2017 Hugo and Nebula Awards Eligibility

It’s awards time, and the following books are eligible for recognition from the Hugo and/or Nebula Awards. If you are an eligible nominator, and would like to nominate one of these works, here’s the list of eligible publications by Falstaff Books from 2017 – Novels – Amazing Grace – John G. Hartness Fireheart – John G. Hartness   Novellas – Into the Mystic – John G. Hartness Frost & Filigree – John G. Hartness Cold as Ice – John G. Hartness Mason Dixon, Monster Hunter – Eric R. Asher Mason Dixon and the Wampus of Reeds Spring – Eric R. […]