Literate Liquors Episode 10 is live!

My dear friend Misty Massey returns to Literate Liquors and we talk about the Weird Wild West anthology Kickstarter she’s putting together, publishing, Kickstarter backlash, the Charlie Hedbob attacks and anything else that crosses our silly little minds. Give us a listen! Here’s the Kickstarter we were talking about – Here’s the video from the last time Misty was on Literate Liquors, a couple of years ago!  

Literate Liquors Links Episode 9

Literate Liquors Episode 9 is live! Y’all can download it from wherever you get podcasts, or you can listen over at Magical Words starting Friday, or you can listen right here! Here are the links I promised on the podcast, like the link to my Patreon Page. Darin Kennedy’s new release The Mussorgsky Riddle – Releases on 1/12 Jim Bernheimer’s Secrets of a D-List Supervillian And the Weird Wild West Kickstarter!