Writer’s Journey – Episode 5 – Margaret McGraw

One last Mysticon episode! This time I talked with my friend Margaret McGraw about her website, her evolution as a writer, her journey to success, and upcoming projects like Lawless Lands, coming this summer from Falstaff Books. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or any of those other podcasty-type places, or you can click here to listen to it in your browser.

The Writer’s Journey – Episode 2 – R.S. Belcher

I had the good fortune to sit down at Mysticon with my buddy Rod Belcher, who writes as R.S. Belcher, and talk about his evolution as a writer, how he got his book deal, how he landed a agent, and what he loves about the writing life. He’s a great guy, a funny guy, and a helluva writer. Here’s the interview in its entirety, also available on iTunes and pretty much wherever you get podcasts from.