Help Selling More Books – Part 5 – What’s a Good Tweet?

Hey there! If you follow me on social media, you might have seen a few pre-written tweet and Facebook messages that come out from my account. You might actually have seen enough to make you dread the thought of ever hearing from me again. But obviously not, because now you’re here to read even more of my crap, so either something I’m doing is working, or there’s something fundamentally wrong with you. Or both. Be that as it may, I do post a LOT of tweets and pre-scheduled social media messages. There are a few reasons for this – If […]

How I Sell Books – Social Media

Now that I’m in publishing, I’m working with a lot of writers. A lot of these writers are publishing their first book, or their first stand-alone work, after having been in a number of anthologies over the years. One question I get a lot of times is “How do you sell books on social media?” Well, there are a lot of disparate opinions on that. Some people, who sell a lot of books, think that you can’t actually sell anything on social media. They feel that it’s all about building your brand, and engagement, and getting people to like you and […]

Back in the saddle?

So once upon a time, there were blogs. And there were blog aggregators, and people read blogs, and blogs were super-active, and a thing, and some people wrote blogs about poker, and then they parlayed those blogs into jobs writing “news” articles about poker, and then they got fired from those jobs and turned to writing fiction (not that there hadn’t been some fiction in the other work). Then there was Twitter, then Facebook, then Instagram, then Tumblr, then whatever, then whatchamacallit, then whodafuqknose…then most of that stopped being fun. So there were still blogs. And some folks still owned […]