How did we get from
Eating Star Crunches
Naked in my bedroom
With your nipples playing peekaboo behind your curls
While I lean against the wall wondering how lucky I am
To me curled up in the fucking pantry
Listening to the beep-beep-beeeep-beeeeeep
Of the disconnect signal from your best
Friend calling me to tell me that maybe buying that
Wouldn’t be such a good idea after all.

How did we get from me helping you change a tire after Western Civ class
In the rain
On an MG
When neither damn one of us had ever changed a tire before
To sitting up til four in the morning in the amphitheatre
Falling stupid in love
And talking about soulmates?

How did we get from that kind of tight
To this kind of broken?
How do you put something back together
If you’re not sure anymore that it was ever
A thing at all?

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One thought on “Dumped

  1. Wow, very powerful stuff… I’ll never eat a Star Crunch again without pausing first. Very nice symmetry and circle to it too in my mind.

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