Real life dreary Monday post

It’s a good thing Amazon had a bunch of good albums on the $5 rack this month, or I’d be downright homicidal by now. Work sucks right now, but it’s just standard beginning of year evaluation/budget crap that everybody goes through. And I’m down a person because he and the company parted ways last week, so now I begin the hiring process all over again. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been interviewing people constantly for the past two years. But these are the perils of middle management, and since I take the check, I have to take the crap. On […]

Sunday Spotlight – Hollowland

Authors, if you want to be featured on the Sunday Spotlight – write a great book. If I buy it and read it and agree that it’s a great book, it’ll probably end up here. If you wanna send me a copy of your great book, that’s very cool and I appreciate it. But I’m not going to be a review site, and I’m not promising anything except that once a week I’ll try to write up a book from an independent author that I love. But I won’t turn down gifts – email them to johnhartness AT gmail DOT […]

Pot Limit Omahahahahaha

Last week I joined my buddy Jim at a local underground poker room for a Pot Limit Omaha tourney. Now I loves me some Omaha, but I’ve played very little tournament Omaha, or Omadraw as we like to call it. This was a cheap-o rebuy tournament, where your initial buy-in was only $25, with $20 rebuys. Yeah, that always works well for me. I should never, ever play in a cheap rebuy tournament. I should stick to tournaments with one buy-in or $100 or better, because then I care a little more. Or can at least fake it. I bought […]

Where were you?

Every generation has one or more of those “Where were you when…?” moments. For my parents there were many – the bomb in Japan, V-E day, V-J Day, Kennedy’s assassination. Those are the same ones for most of my peers’ grandparents, but my folks are older than most. It’s one of those things that people go to when they’ve had that one drink too many and gotten maudlin, or when a song comes on the radio that reminds them of the day, or something. My generation went a long way without having one. I was born in 1973, and the […]

Return to Eden, Part 1

This is the first chapter of something new I’m working on. It’s a young adult novel about the end of civilization as we know it. Lemme know what you think. The day the world ended started off just like every other Thursday. Christin Kinsey got up after the alarm went off for the third time, staggered to the bathroom in her t-shirt and pajama bottoms, went about her morning business, took a shower, brushed her teeth, yelled at her brother Matt to drag his sorry butt out of bed because she wasn’t going to be late on account of him […]

All’s Quiet…

On the Southern front. I’m in Atlanta for work this week, and I’m still kinda floating around doing not much of anything writing-wise. I’ll be kicking it into gear tonight on my short story, pretty sure I know where it’s going. I think I’m going to let Greg be the lead in this story, because he’s always the sidekick and never the superhero. I might be a little skewed because I just got finished reading the comic series Countdown to Infinite Crisis, which puts Jimmy Olsen in a leading role for a change. But you know, you see a good […]

What’s next?

So I finished the first draft of Back in Black (and Blue) last week, and sent it off to the first proofreader. I’ll likely spend the majority of February working on that book and getting it ready to go. I’d really like to have copies in hand by early March, because I have the opportunity to sell a few at work conferences to friends I’ve made through my real job. My hard deadline is March 18, because on that Sunday I’m listed as a guest at the Charlotte ComiCon, so that will be the debut of the hard copy of […]

Sunday Spotlight – Michael Sullivan’s Riyria Revelations

Okay, so this is NOT going to turn into a book review site. Really. But I read a lot. And a lot of the stuff I read you’re not going to find in bookstores because it’s written by independent authors like myself, so there aren’t any huge market budgets like for the latest James Patterson & Co. book, or even the latest Richard Castle book (and yeah, I’m kinda dying to know who ghost-writes those, even though I haven’t read them, but I digress). And in an effort to schedule my life a little better so I can post more […]

In my other life…

Where I’m not tied to the computer every moment that I’m not at work, sometimes I play poker. And since I’ve been getting killed online over the past couple of weeks, last Friday night I drove to the nearest place to play live poker with real cards. In West Virginia. Four and a half hours away. Yep, that’s right folks, unless I want to play in a home game (which I enjoy, but it does sometimes feel like we’re passing the same money around the table week after week) or I want to play in an underground game (which I’m […]

Free Fiction Friday – Back in Black (and Blue) Preview

This is not an original idea. Some of you that have read here and read my books for a while might say that I’ve never had an original idea, but to that I say “bite me.” I swiped this idea from the blogs of a couple of writers I follow, because I think it’s a good one. This is a sneak peek at the beginning of Black Knight Chronicles Vol. 2, Back in Black (and Blue). Lemme know what you think – and don’t forget, the win a Kindle contest is still running! If you like this piece, buy Volume […]