ROW80 Check in – I lose track

I’m now sure what week this is of ROW80, or what check-in it is. I just know I’m writing like hell and it finally feels good. I shook off the BS fear of writing crap that stuck me last night, and just decided to embrace the writing of crap! So I spewed out about another 2,000 words tonight, and I figured out the next plot twist. I thought I was done, but it didn’t make sense to end there, so what I thought was the big fight at the end of the book ended up just being the lead-up to […]

Writer’s Block

This opinion makes me unpopular among some of my fellow writers, but that’s okay. I’ve had unpopular opinions before and so far no one has kicked my ass for them. Good thing I’m a big dude, I suppose. But writer’s block – I don’t believe in it. I think it’s a crutch for people who are afraid or lazy and don’t want to admit that they’re afraid or lazy. Lazy is easy to understand – I wouldn’t be this fat if I didn’t have a good helping of lazy to go along with my love of all things deep-fried. But […]

Indie Interview – Keith C. Blackmore

Welcome to a new feature here – an interview with another up and coming independent author. This week’s guest is Keith C. Blackmore, author of The Troll Hunter and The Missing Boatman. You can go to his website for more info on these books and other projects, and here are a few questions with Keith. 1.    What are your influences and sources of inspiration? I was an avid reader of comic books and later got into trade paperbacks. I read a lot of different stuff, from action adventure to horror, SF to fantasy. The first novel I read was Conan […]

#ROW80 Check-in

I forget how often I’m supposed to check in on this thing, but I’m writing the hell out of Back in Black (and Blue), the sequel to Hard Day’s Knight. I pounded out a little over 10,000 words this weekend, and got another 4-6,000 words between Monday and Tuesday, to put me past the 35,000 word mark. I’m pretty happy with where the book is going, and I’m thinking now that it will probably top out at around 60,000 words, or roughly the same length as The Chosen and Hard Day’s Knight. I like that, because that’s where the stories […]

The sweetest money

Free money is always the sweetest money, and this week I managed to claim a little of the sweetest money when I played in the inaugural Gambling Tales Podcast Freeroll on Full Tilt Poker. The kind folks at FTP put together a freeroll for us, and Special K and I promoted it to the best of our ability (which means that he did a lot of work, and I sent a couple tweets and emails, which is about the same division of labor as we have on the creation of the podcast, but that’s beside the point). All our efforts […]

#ROW80 Sunday Check-in

It’s 7:03 PM and I’m 2,000 words off my goal for the day. So of course I’m writing a blog post instead of working on the sequel to Hard Day’s Knight. Because that’s how I roll. My initial goal for ROW80 was to do 5,000 words per week and get the book finished by the end of the challenge. Well, I kinda dedicated this weekend to writing, and I’m floating at somewhere in the 14,000 word range since we started. I hit 5,000 words on Thursday, knocked out another 1,100 Friday and then did a little over 5,000 yesterday. I’ve […]

New thing & New Work available!

So I hope you enjoyed Willie’s guest post yesterday. And if you came here because of Willie’s post and decided to hang around, welcome! I will be opening up this space to guest blogs from independent writers in the future, once a week. So if anyone wants to pimp a book, or a project of any type, feel free. I don’t have any restrictions on content, because if I tried to keep this blog PG-13, I’d never be able to whine effectively about my poker game :). I mentioned somewhere earlier about how Scrivener makes it super-easy to create and […]

Guest Post – William Meikle – Short Story Collections

Hey folks, I’m opening up the blog to a guest post by William Meikle, an author I met through the KindleBoards message boards. William is doing a blog crawl to promote his upcoming book and put together a quick post for us today. I hope you enjoy it and check out William’s work! William Meikle is a Scottish writer with ten novels published in the genre press and over 200 short story credits in thirteen countries. He is the author of the ongoing Midnight Eye series among others, and his work appears in a number of professional anthologies. His ebook […]

ROW80 Check in #1 & Contest Update

So on the first check-in day of ROW80 (Round 1), I should be at either 2,000 or 3,000 words, depending on whether I’ve gotten my quota for the day in or not. So where am I really? 3,795 words. That’s right, kids, I’m almost a full day ahead of schedule, with the possibility of taking an extra day off on Friday, or forging ahead and getting a huge head start on next week. I won’t get any writing done tonight, most likely, because there’s an errand I’ve got to run to SC that will take up most of my night. […]