Knight Moves – a couple of weeks in

Well, we’re almost three weeks in from the release of Knight Moves, and I’ve been amazed by the outpouring of support for the book. So far, we’ve sold 667 copies, far exceeding my hopes for the first month. I had hoped for 500 copies in the first month, and we blew through that number! In comparison, there has only been one month ever that Back in Black sold more than 650 copies, so I couldn’t be happier.

Obviously, with two new products released this month (I also tossed a new short story, called Black Magic Woman out there) this will be my best sales month ever. Last month was my first month over 3,000 books sold, and we have a chance to crack 4,000 for the month of August! It’s a close race, and I’ll need some help to get there, but I’ve done some limited paid promotion this month, so hopefully we can reach another milestone!

Speaking of promotion, I spent very little cash promoting this month. I paid for a Release Blitz with The Bookish Snob Promotions, which got the blurb on a dozen different websites for $20. Then I got a spotlight on Two Ends of the Pen for $10, and jumped on that. Everything else has been from my Facebook and Twitter folks, and you good people here. So a huge thanks to all of you for making the first month of the new book a rousing success!

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3 thoughts on “Knight Moves – a couple of weeks in

  1. Wait, wait, wait… there’s another BNC short story? How did I miss this?! *runs off to buy it*

    Congrats on the sales too! That’s pretty damn awesome that the series is doing so well. I’m happy for you and happy for me. This means I get to keep reading the books. 😀

    Is it still going to be only five books in the series [i think that was mentioned in an earlier blog] or are you going to keep it running with how well it’s doing?

  2. There will be at least six, probably more. I figure if Butcher can do 13 books in the Dresden Files, and Kenyon can do something like 20 books in her series, I oughta be able to get a dozen or so out of these guys. I’ve got Book 4 pretty well plotted, and know the “Big Bad” for 5 & 6, then the first major arc will be over. Then we’ll take a breath, see where we are, and move on from there.

  3. Definitely know Butcher, but who’s Kenyon?

    That’ll be great if you do carry the series further. I was pretty bummed when I read that bit a while ago about it being a shorter series. I like that you’re planning ahead and thinking of arcs for your books too. It seems like too many authors these days are just writing from book to book with no direction at all. =\

    And on a completely unrelated side note… I read Knight Moves a bit ago and was thoroughly bummed by that last conversation between Jimmy and Greg. So good job on sparking those emotions. I always like when an author can make me sad. It’s easy to make a reader happy, but not so much sad.

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