Kindle Fire Giveaway

Indie authors Joe Konrath, Scott Nicholson, J. Carson Black, Lee Goldberg and Blake Crouch and giving away a buttload of stuff! You should go enter. I sure as hell am! WIN A KINDLE FIRE IN THE BIG KINDLE BOOGIE 10 Free Kindle Fires, 75 free ebooks, $300 in gift cards, a $500 library donation! Entries for 10 free Kindle Fires are already underway at and gift cards are bing randomly awarded on Twitter for those who tweet about the Big Kindle Boogie.   On Feb. 1-2, bestselling thriller authors J.A. Konrath, Blake Crouch, Scott Nicholson, Lee Goldberg, and Scott […]

Happy Monday!

Not really. Found out this morning via Facebook that an acquaintance of mine died this weekend after an illness. He was too young, and he’ll be missed. I have a real blog post rolling around in my head about the brotherhood all of us who have worn stage blacks are a part of, and how we’re all connected, but it’s not ready to go just yet. Instead we’ll recap some of January. It’s been a very good month for sales, surpassing December’s numbers and putting an end to the slight downward slide overall sales will likely be higher than any […]

More music to write by

Narrative stuff, I fins this stuff is good for most of what I write, but crap for fight scenes.   But when it comes time for some killin’, I need to amp it up a little. And really, what better for a horror writer to work with than a little Rob Zombie?  

New Releases, Availability and Works in Progress

I like to keep a lot of irons in the fire. A lot. So it should surprise no one that I’ve got more than one thing that I’m working on right now. Let’s first take a look at my newest release – Cat Scratch Fever – a Bubba the Monster Hunter Short Story. I’ve wanted to write a story about a rakshasa for a long time, and January’s bowl games between Clemson and West Virginia (sorry, Clemson fans) and LSU/Alabama gave me plenty of tiger jokes to work into the story. I even went with the orange cover for my […]

Layers, Complexity and Potential

I’m going to postulate for a few minutes, because that’s what I’m good at (and because I don’t feel like outlining Paint it Black right now). I came to a realization this morning when I read round two of my notes from my editor blowing up pieces of my book and adding in better chunks – editors don’t buy a book from a new author. They buy a voice they like and think has potential, then they spend a year or so teaching that person how to write a novel. At least that’s what it feels like from here. The […]

I just blew up a book, I think

So I’m pretty sure that my editor and I just blew up Paint it Black, Book IV of The Black Knight Chronicles. I sent in my synopsis, and she did exactly what I want her to do – she poked holes in the book and called me on my BS. That, kids, is why I signed with a traditional publisher instead of continuing to do everything by myself. Having someone who’s worked on a ton of books to look at a sketch of a book and say “nothing is happening, where’s the excitement?” Is worth the chunk of royalty percentage […]

Sample Fiction – Feedback appreciated

Here’s the beginnings of a new short story series I’m toying with – let me know what you think. I was freezing. My feet were numb and the only thing keeping my hands from going the same way were the chemical handwarmers I had tucked inside my mittens. My breath would have been billowing steam around me if not for the black balaclava I had wrapped around my head. Only my eyes were exposed, and even those were starting to freeze shut. The steady drizzle had long since made my black ski coat into a sodden, heavy mass of cold […]

Why I’m against SOPA/PIPA

There’s a lot going around about the SOPA/PIPA legislation and why we should black out our websites and why it’s a bad idea. There are a lot of people who have said it better than me. Here’s one of them. Here’s another one – Wil Wheaton Please, write your congressman/woman/person/puppet and tell them why they should be unemployed if they support this bill. Because a lot of us who create content certainly will be.

Chattacon and sales update

I got my schedule for Chattacon this weekend – I’m on two panels and have a table in the dealer’s room. So if you’re in Chattanooga come on by the ChooChoo and say hello! Saturday at noon I’m on a panel called “Out of the Closet and Onto the Page:Self Publishing” with Alan Gilbreath from Kerlak Publishing. As two of the most out-of-the-closet and out-of-bounds panelists in the building all weekend, it oughta be fun. Alan is a good panelist, he has opinions on everything, has experience in the publishing biz, is witty and articulate. And he’s fun to drink […]

The Big Bad – new anthology

Here’s an idea – because I don’t have enough to do, I’ll publish an anthology. This year. With an exclusive short story. Yeah, I’m not too bright. But I want to write a story about a bad vampire. You know, the kind of guy who just does what he wants and damn the consequences. No angst, just fangs. Since I want to write this story, I of course think people will want to read it. Since I think people want to read one story about a bad guy, I think they might want to read a whole anthology of stories […]