There will almost certainly be a blog post that comes out of this one, and it is highly likely that it will be called “Drinking Jolly Ranchers with Space Jesus.” My weekend started off with getting to my room too late at night on Day 1 of the con to pick up my badge, noticing that the door to the room across from mine was open, and realizing that meant I was NOT getting to sleep early. That’s something to understand about cons – if a door’s just standing open to a room, it means there’s a party going on […]

Why I’m a Tim Tebow fan.

Bet you never thought you’d read that here, did you? Full disclosure – I’m not terribly religious. I believe in stuff, but I’m as organized in my religion as I am in everything else in my life, which is to say not much at all. So I don’t love Tim Tebow because he’s the second, third or fourth coming of anything. I like him because he’s a winner. He’s a quarterback who wants to win. This scene from The Replacements shows what a winner is – he’s the guy who wants the ball when it’s all on the line. Tebow […]

2012 – the schedule (so far)

I’ve got a lot of plans for 2012 – quit my day job, survive the end of the world, lose weight, write half a million words…the usual. But one thing I’m definitely doing is traveling a bunch (and while on the subject of traveling, leveling and other words that end in “el,” when did we stop spelling those words with two “l”s? I’m pretty sure it was travelling and levelling when I was younger, but the great god spellcheck says NAY). I’m currently booked for a bunch of different cons this year, and talking with the rest of the Musketeers […]

Writing Music and more

I write to music. It’s almost to where I can’t write unless there’s music. So I can wear out a Pandora channel pretty quickly. I’m going to try to post videos from bands you might be less familiar with, or just stuff that I enjoy and like writing to. The first group this week is one I’ve really been wearing out lately – The Civil Wars. They have a serious Swell Season feel to them (the guy and girl from Once if you didn’t know) and I think they’re brilliant songwriters. You only know what i want I you to […]

2011 By the Numbers

So 2011 was my first year really working at the self-publishing thing. And it was a big year for a lot of people in my situation. Here are some overall numbers that might be of interest to folks starting out on their publishing journey. Feel free to take them wildly out of context to prove whatever point you’d like to prove. $40,000 – roughly what I made last year as a writer. That’s a pretty good nut, considering things didn’t take off for me until April. It’s not quite enough to support me and Suzy, but when you consider that […]


Just for the record, five hours of tattooing is a lot. A whole lot. This is my third tattoo, and by a mile the most extensive. I went in wanting something to symbolize rebirth and transformation as I move from one career into another one entirely. So I looked around for a while before I decided on a tattoo shop, Fu’s Custom Tattoo’s here in Charlotte. I met with Christian Dunn, set an appointment and gave him a piece of reference art to think about. We started here.                   Or more specifically, […]

Guest Post by Tamsin Silver

I’ve known today’s guest blogger longer than I’ve known any of the other writer friends in the fantasy world. We met long, long ago in another life, in another state, and before a couple more careers for both of us. We reconnected through Facebook and realized that we’re chasing the same dream. Her first book, The Betrayal, came out late last year. Give it a look at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.    GO FORTH! Anyone who loves acting or directing, dreams of working on Broadway. Anyone who loves dancing ballet, dreams of dancing at Lincoln Center. Anyone who loves […]