Black Knight Chronicles Updates

Some folks have wondered where things are in the process of re-working The Black Knight Chronicles for re-release now that I’m working with a traditional publisher. And even more folks have wondered when they’ll be seeing Book IV – Paint it Black.

The short answer is – I don’t have a firm answer. The long answer is that the rewrites took me longer than I expected, and were more in-depth than I expected. These editors really pushed me, making me look long and hard at the boys and Sabrina and their motivations for doing things. “Because it seemed like fun” was no longer an acceptable answer, so I didn’t even bother with “because I was drinking when I wrote that scene.” They’ve done wonders for my writing, and I think that the books you get when you pick up the Omnibus of Books 1-3 will be so much improved that it’ll be just like reading whole new stories.

In some places, you will be. There are so many changes to things that I feel like a DC Comics editor! But these books are going to be amazing, and I’m prouder of them than I ever have been. But the truth is that I still don’t know if they’ll be ready for Dragon*Con. It’s almost August, and we’re all – me, my editor, my publisher, my copyeditor, the cover artist, the typesetter, the proofreader – everyone working as fast as we can to get the books out. I’m not sure we’ll have them for Dragon, which is a bummer. But if it takes a couple weeks to make it a better book, and the length of time of these revisions is all on me, not the publisher, then I’d rather take longer and have a better end product.

So the omnibus of Books 1-3 will be out sometime this fall. I’m not sure if Paint it Black will drop this year or not. The first draft is complete, but I’ll have to do some major rewrites on that as well once we finish the omnibus. There are story lines that need to be woven into the book, some that need to be enhanced, and continuity to be checked. Plus it’ll take several revisions just to get the story right. So I don’t know if I can finish with it this year, much less get it in the queue for a cover and a release from the publisher this year. But once we get this flood of four books out in short order, we’ll have a better idea of how much time it all takes, and can realistically schedule the following two books. This is a learning process for the publisher as well as for me – it’s not every day they buy six books from one guy, three of which have already been released.

But as that release comes nearer – the books will be removed from all venues other than Amazon. That’s because I only have ebook rights on Amazon as per my contract, so to make sure the books aren’t for sale in two versions, I need to pull them from the other online venues to make sure they’re down before the release date. So if you need to get them for your Nook, either haul ass or wait for the omnibus. Or do both. I won’t mind.

So that’s where we are with the books. I hope this was a satisfactory answer for you guys, and please don’t get grumpy with my publisher for delaying the release. They’re not. It’s me, and my editors, polishing the books until they shine brighter than you’d ever believe!

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5 thoughts on “Black Knight Chronicles Updates

  1. Paint it Black might not be out this year? D=

    That’s sad, but its understandable with all the work you are doing. I do appreciate the post about the status of the series, its always nice knowing what’s going on with the series I love. 🙂

  2. I am so excited to hear about the Omibus! Cannot wait. I think it is a brillant idea!! Also Paint it Black. I want to see your books on my shelf next to the Jim Butchers, John Scalzi and Kim Harrisons…my Kindle is great, but there’s nothing like walking in a room and seeing all the adventures and friends on the shelf looking back at you. It’s like coming home. Keep up the good work.

  3. Starting to wish you didn’t give up your day job? Have to get a copy of the third before it disappears, save me one and bring it to ZMastadon. Daughter also wants e book copies of the 2nd and 3rd, she loves them. Omnibus going to be hardcover?

  4. That’s cool to hear how your editors are helping push you as an artist. One of my favorite things as an animator–my day job–is having my coworkers push me to the next level.

    Looking forward to the release of the Omnibus. Good luck!

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