And now for something completely different…

Obviously I haven’t abandoned Choices, but this might be the beginnings of something else entirely. Let me know what you think. I’ve never written for the graphic novel genre before, but you know, there really is a first time for everything. If any artist-types out there wanted to do up a sample page or two and chat about collaboration, that would be kinda cool…


P. 1 Four panels. Top left. Black frame. Text box – Being a vampire sucks.
Top right. Exterior of a crypt. Text box – That wasn’t a pun, puns suck more.
Bottom right. Rear view – thin figure standing on top of crypt, long cape swirling around, classic vampire look. Text box – I’ve been a vampire for 20 years now, so I should know.
Bottom left. Rear over shoulder view of figure – looking at lone cute 20-something girl walking through cemetery. Text box – You think it’s gonna be neat, flying, sucking blood, turning into bats…

P.2 – Full Page – Front view of geeky kid in a long poncho (what looked like a cape from the rear. He’s a skinny kid, kinda like a love child of Wesley Crusher and Anthony Michael Hall from sixteen candles, with Buddy Holly’s glasses. He’s obviously cold, wet and uncomfortable, and obviously in lust with the girl. You can probably see a little fang.
Text box – but when you’re a sixteen-year old vampire, and stuck at sixteen forever, it just sucks.

P.3 – Five panels – Two on top, one page-width panel in center, then two on bottom.
Panel 1 shows same kid clumping down stairs, maybe just show a pair of Converse Chucks squelching down stone steps. There should be an extension cord running along the steps.
Panel 2 shows an arm hanging the poncho up on a coat rack. Voice from out of panel says “Dude, you better get a towel. I do NOT want to bust my ass going up the stairs for dinner tonight.”
Panel 3 is wide center panel, it opens up into the crypt interior, which is outfitted with a ratty sofa, two coffins in a corner, a fridge in another corner, several floor lamps and a big TV. There’s another kid about the same age and relative geek level sitting on the sofa playing a video game on the TV. Maybe he’s a fat kid or a different variety of geek in some way. He says “Come check this out, I’m about to beat Ganon!”
Panel 4 shows kid sitting down on couch, looking less than impressed. “Dude, you’ve been playing that game since we were in ninth grade. And alive. Haven’t you defeated Ganon yet?”
Panel 5 looks over sofa as kid loses game and yells “DAMMIT!” Text box – This is my friend Wilson. Wilson Floyd Johnson, Jr. You think middle school was fun for him? Oh yeah, he’s dead too.”

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4 thoughts on “And now for something completely different…

  1. It certainly has potential. I have no knowledge about how to write a graphic novel, but when I read Gaiman’s notes (can’t remember which one he did that in, but I’ll find out), I think there was a lot more artistic direction. Or did you intend to leave that to the artist?


  2. I also think it has potential, just please don’t wussify the vampires. I’ve got Twilight, The Vampire Diaries and Lestat to do all that.
    Unless you have clear directions for it to look, I’d avoid artistic direction. If you have a specific look in mind, by all means include it, otherwise you are like a writer who has one of their novels made into a movie and it comes out nothing like you had in mind.

  3. Anne Rice rocks…..but Steven your not. Lucky for you because he…..literally sucks. But “ROCK ON BROTHER”

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