Busy Couple of Weeks

Hey folks, how’s it going? It’s the beginning of con season here, which means it’s stupid busy. I spent a fair chunk of Friday packing boxes of books (yes, in between episodes of Iron Fist, which I enjoy, but not as much as I loved Luke Cage) for SC Comicon next weekend. I’ve got several appearances and signings coming up in the next few weeks, and I’d love to see you at any or all of them. Actually, maybe not ALL of them. That might be a little creepy, and I might have to wonder if you don’t have anything […]

5 Reasons Why Your Story or Novel Gets Rejected, Part 1

Since opening up Falstaff Books, I’ve been dealing with more submissions than ever. This is awesome, because submissions, particularly unsolicited submissions (or “slush”) is how we build anthologies and a catalog. I, just like every editor and publisher I know, am excited every time I open a query letter and start to read the attachment. I want to find the next amazing book or story, because if I publish it, not only do I get to help bring an amazing book to life, but we all get paid. Remember, a reputable publisher doesn’t make any money unless you make money. […]

Upcoming Releases and Appearances

Hey folks – I know there are a few people who aren’t on my mailing list that sometimes pop by here, so I wanted to give everybody an update on what’s going on and where I will be. BTW, why aren’t you on my mailing list? Sign up here and you’ll get a free book! So, new stuff. Here we go. On July 29, I released Heaven Sent, book #5 of the Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter series. In Heaven Sent, we travel back to 2009 to see the first meeting between Harker and Glory, his guardian angel. She shows up […]

Patreon, Conventions, and Why I Do Them Both

I’ve had a few people ask me how my Patreon campaign is working out for me, and my response is always pretty much the same. “It’s great. It brings in a little extra money each month, it lets me have more direct contact with some of my biggest fans, and it funds some of my convention travel. I can’t ask for much more than that.” And that’s the deal. That’s the broad brushstrokes, thousand-foot view description of it. This post is about the details, because some folks have asked. BEWARE – there’s a lot of information here about how the […]

Starfuckers and the cons that feed them

I hate starfucker conventions, and I hate most of what they stand for. There you go, kids, career suicide by a barely midlist genre fiction writer. Just what you wanted for your reading entertainment. But it’s the truth. I hate the conventions, and you know the ones I mean, where the main focus is getting as many people run through lines to have autographs and photo ops as possible, with the least possible interaction with the people you’re there to “meet.” For the record, Dragon Con is not what I consider a starfucker con, nor are any of the cons […]

My Dragon Con 2015 Schedule

I’ve got a ton of news and THREE NEW RELEASES THIS MONTH but for now, here’s my DCon schedule. Let me know if I’ll see you there!   Title: Pulp Fiction Description: Pulp has enjoyed a renaissance in the last few years. Why? And why do authors choose to write in this genre? Time: Fri 01:00 pm  Location: Embassy A-B – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour) (Tentative Panelists: Van Allen Plexico, Bobby Nash, James Palmer, John G. Hartness) Book Signing – The Missing Volume – 2:30 Friday PM ——————- Title: Supernatural Variety in UF Description: Authors discuss the array of supernatural beings appearing in their work, and how their choices affect […]

Where I am and where I’ll be . . .

I’ve been adapting to the new job fairly well. It’s been two months and I haven’t fired the entire staff. There have been some personnel changes, but that’s pretty normal when new management is brought in. But it’s taken more of my time than my last full-time job did, and that’s eaten into my writing time and certainly into my posting time here. I’ll be around this little spot on the interwebs, but it’ll mostly be to post updates on appearances, release dates, and that sort of thing. If you want to keep track of my whereabouts on a more […]

How to keep up with me . . .

Every once in a while I just like to remind y’all that you can find me all over the interwebs. So if you visit here, feel free to “like” me on Facebook You can follow me on Twitter. You can even subscribe to my email list, which I’m using more since there’s a free Bubba story every week nowadays! Nah, I’m not giving you my phone number, that’s a little creepy. But you check out all that stuff above, and you’ll see I’m really easy to find.


With apologies to Scalzi. But not really. He doesn’t own the term, no matter what the Google machine might think :). I hate titling blog posts. Frankly, I hate titling anything, which is why I rip off song titles for almost all my books and story titles. First off, the Help Peter David contest will keep going until next Monday! You have more chances to win a t-shirt, but the real reason the contest is going to keep keeping on is because the awesome Davey Beauchamp is donating some signed Peter David comics! So I have more prizes for more […]

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.

Bullshit. There, I think that’s enough of a post for one day, right? No? Okay, fine, I’ll expand a little. We’ve heard those words uttered for years about various teachers who have failed at various things, and I’m certainly guilty of throwing the phrase around more than once about a professor or two that I’ve had in my day. But now that I’m teaching with something resembling regularity at Carolina Learning Connection (next class Saturday, a few spots still available!), I realize what utter bullshit that is. I am never focusing more on my writing than when I’m trying to […]