Make art with me. No, I’m serious, you should do this, it’ll be cool.

So I had this weird idea this morning after seeing a friend’s FaceBook profile pic. It looked like she’d taped over her mouth and written something on the tape. And I thought “what a cool statement about the power of words, that maybe this is one word that she can’t bring herself to say, so she wrote it and took a picture of it to prove that she owns the word, and the word doesn’t own her. Or maybe it’s her favorite word, or an overused word, or something neat like that.” For the record, this person is an artist, […]

I’m a Zombie?

Not really, although it kinda feels like I’m back from the dead. I realize that I’ve neglected this little piece of the interwebs for a while, but that’s what happens when real life gets in the way. And speaking of real life getting in the way, that’s what today’s whine is all about. You see, a whole bunch of my friends are getting together next weekend in Greenville to play cards, drink like college kids and generally behave very poorly in a celebration of Neanderthalism known as Mastodon Weekend. I was there for the events last year, and can honestly […]

Publication Update

So I’m not counting running one of my own poems in Red Dirt Review as an acceptance, since I happen to be the editor, but you should go over there and check it out regardless. There are some great writers from all over featured this month, and as long as I can stay relatively sober I’ll publish that one a quarterly basis. But I have had another poem run in The Deuce Coupe this week, and I’m really glad they picked it up, because I felt like I really nailed this one. Sometimes I feel really good about something I’ve […]

Change in plans

So the first issue of the Red Dirt Review is ready to go! I’ve got some great contributions from poets, storytellers and photographers all around the US and even Canada for our first issue, and I’m pretty excited about it. I did decide to go ahead and print a few copies to give to the contributors, because why not, if folks are going to send me the fruits of their creativity, and I’m gonna go to the trouble of making a print-ready copy anyway, then I may as well buy a few and give them to the contributors. Everybody else […]

A Plan?

So since I’m closing submission to the first issue of Red Dirt Review today, I figured I would be spending my evenings this week working on that project. Then Special K reminded me that it’s time to do another recording session for The Gambling Tales Podcast, so that’ll fill in one evening. Then I checked my calendar and saw that there’s a meeting of the Charlotte Writer’s Club Tuesday night, so that’s another evening. And Reservior Dogs opens Thursday, and I’m reviewing it for Charlotte Viewpoint, so another evening is occupied. Just Do It is taking place this Friday at […]

Open Mike

So last night I went to the monthly Open Mike night at Jackson’s Java hosted by Jonathan Rice of Iodine Poetry Journal, just to check it out and see what I thought. I took several pieces to read and figured I’d gauge the vibe and decide what to read by how things were going. Several people were working the Valentine’s Day thing, so I decided to go in a different direction. I read “Beer Goggles,” which is a piece that currently has found no love from any of the places that I’ve submitted it to, but is very popular whenever […]

Productivity Tools – EverNote

So I’m a list guy. Not because I’m particularly organized, but because I’m not. I’m a scatterbrain, and I understand and frankly revel in this facet of my character. But because I also have a job, and a wife and other things that require me to actually sometimes finish a task, I became a list guy. I’m also a whiteboard guy, but that’s just because sometimes I need to see the flow of information to understand how all the electrons are going to get from Point A to Point B in the stuff I design. The addition of a 4×8 […]

Productivity Through Procrastination

My newest scheme to actually get most of my work done, or at least be able to make some headway on my To-Do list each day (and really, if you don’t use Evernote for a to-do list that syncs between web, desktop and phone, I don’t know how you get anything done – ever) is to put things off. Well, thing, really. Namely, lunch. You see, it might surprise the two people that ever come by here that I don’t know personally, but I’m a big fatass. And as a big fatass, I like to eat. So once I eat, […]

Headless Chickens

Yeah, that’s what I’m running around like lately. Despite the feminist nature of my wife, and the irrefutable fact that I hold true that men and women should be treated as equals, I seriously live in the Cleaver household. I go to work, bring the paycheck home each week, and when I come home I sit down in the den watching TV, while Suzy cooks dinner and brings it to me. She then sits with me while we eat, and then she cleans up. It’s not the most 21st-century of partnerships, but she takes care of everything in the house, […]


Seems like that’s what adulthood (ick) is all about, right? Questions that you don’t really have an answer for. At least, that’s what a blog is for, anyway. So my current conundrum is book copies. I have 25 copies left of the original print run of Returning the Favor, which I’m pretty happy about. I’ve given a bunch away as Christmas gifts, given a few away in trade at book shows, and sold enough to recoup about 75% of the total printing and ISBN registration costs. I have one reading scheduled for April, and not a lot else in the […]