I have a silly idea

Not as silly as some, but I really want to work on two stories at once, one in a completely different vein than Knight Moves (pun intended, of course). So each week I’ll present a new segment of Return to Eden, another work in progress. This stuff is so very first draft, but I think it might go somewhere interesting. It will be presented here in bite-size chunks, not even chapters, and when I’m done there should be a book in it. So here’s the beginnings of a new project, because I just don’t have enough to do, right? All […]

The Festival that is Merle

So this weekend I’ll be making my annual trek into the hills of North Carolina for the Merle Watson Memorial Music Festival, or Merlefest. Me and tens of thousands of my closest friends will descend upon North Wilkesboro, NC for some of the finest bluegrass and Americana music the world has to offer. This is a huge vacation for me every year, because I don’t take a computer. That’s right, I will not be taking a computer to Merlefest. I won’t blog for three days, and I’ll barely check email or look at my Amazon stats (yeah, right!). But this […]

Lists, rankings and other stuff

So it’s been a good month, I think that’s a pretty solid understatement. I’ve sold far more copies of all of my books than I have in any other month, and in some cases I’ve sold more copies this month than I have all other months combined. And in a great bit of circular sales, as my books sell more, they appear on more bestseller lists on Amazon, so they’re easier to find, so they sell more. So they move up on lists, so they’re even easier to find than before, so they sell more. And so on… It’s been […]

Going on Tour!

                                      Yep, I’m going to try out one of these new-fangled blog tours. I stumbled upon The Bookish Snob while looking for book bloggers to see about getting some love for my books, and I found out that Belinda over there has a service that she offers that is basically a tour director gig. So I checked the rates, thought they were very reasonable, and shot her an email. She replied that my stuff looked like a good fit, and got rolling […]

Twelve Worlds is Out!

So the vast majority of this post was taken directly from Derek Canyon’s blog post of yesterday. I asked him to send me over the copy because I’m lazy and I didn’t want to write a blog post of my own announcing this very excellent project. I am very proud to be part of Twelve Worlds, and hope that everyone who enjoys the Black Knight Chronicles will buy a copy to get the exclusive Black Knight story! I’m pleased to announce that the science fiction and fantasy short story anthology, Twelve Worlds, is now available for $2.99 on Amazon.com. Buy […]

Kindle Winner Announcement!

Never let it be said that there isn’t any benefit to procrastination – the winner of the Kindle 3 giveaway posted her review of Back in Black right under the deadline wire, and got her trivia questions in with just a week to spare! Our winner is Cat Lail! Cat did all the stuff you could do to get extra entries – she bought books, reviewed books and answered a bunch of trivia questions. Well, it all paid off because her lucky number was drawn and now she’ll be the proud owner of a Kindle 3G! Congratulations Cat, and thanks […]

Black Weekend

Not for me so much, but certainly for a bunch of my friends in the poker industry. For those of you new around here, I spent several years doing tournament coverage for major poker news and play sites. Before and during that time I made a little money, and made a lot of good friends. Due to a change in leadership at my major employer, a disagreement with an editor and a shift in focus in my life, I left all that pretty much behind me a couple years ago. Last summer was the first in several that I didn’t […]

Guest Postby Derek J. Canyon – Cross-Promotion

I’ve got a post up on Derek’s blog and he was kind enough to trade me one for here. Go check out his blog to read my drivel after you’ve read him here. John and I (and a dozen other indie authors) have been collaborating on a science fiction and fantasy anthology titled Twelve Worlds. It will be available very soon for $2.99. It has fourteen different stories by different authors just starting out in the epublishing arena. It’s a great way for you to find great new worlds to explore. Plus, author royalties go the Reading is Fundamental charity. […]

Go west, young man

Ok, not as young as I once was, but as the song goes, I’m as good once as I ever was. I leave tomorrow night for Vegas. I’m going out to attend the National Association of Broadcasters show for the day job, but since the show starts Monday I thought I’d take the weekend and play a bit. Then I found out that the Venetian is having their Deep Stacks Extravaganza poker tournament series this month, so I’ll definitely be playing that on Saturday. My friend Hoyazo went deep in one of those last year for a very nice score, […]

Some of the Best Poker Books ever

Best Books About Poker   Lots of poker fans love to read about the game but of the thousands of poker books on the market, 95% of them deal solely with things like poker strategy and the mechanics of the game. While everyone would love to know the optimal way to play pocket jacks from early position, it doesn’t exactly make for gripping reading, especially if you’re a more casual fan of the game (or buying a present for a poker playing friend or family member). Below you’ll find some of the best books about poker that take a broader, […]