Crowdsourcing story ideas

Here’s the deal – I’m going to crowdsource a couple of ideas for the next Black Knight short story. I plan to write it this weekend, and offer it for free here on the blog for a week. After that, it’s going to be $.99. By contributing ideas as part of this hopefully fun experiment, you give up any ownership of said ideas, and they become mine to do with as I wish, for this experiment or future stories, books, novels, etc. Your submission of an idea explicitly agrees to those terms. All you get out of the deal is […]


I wrote a scene last night that took longer than any 600 words I’ve ever written, or at least since high school. I’m working on a serial killer novel, and this was the first scene where we shifted to watching the killer instead of watching the heroes. It was surprisingly tough. Obviously I’ve never killed anyone, and certainly not in as gruesome a fashion as this guy does, but I didn’t expect it to be as difficult as it was. There were several things that hung me up, and I thought I’d share a little with y’all today. First, the […]

Mathematics and poker – the connection

Some players prefer to avoid thinking about the mathematics behind poker but learning some basic skills in this area could help improve your game. Poker, like many card games, is a game of chance – but if you can calculate statistical odds, you are more likely to place bets that have a higher percentage of winning and at the same time avoid those hands that are likely to cost you money. Among the mathematics you can learn to help your online poker game is how to calculate estimated value, which enables you to work out approximately how much each individual […]

Knight Moves & Other WIPs updates

So Knight Moves will likely not be available for purchase in July of this year. It’s not ready. That’s just the deal. I’ve completed a couple of drafts on the book, sent it off to some beta readers, and am awaiting feedback. I’ll then incorporate that feedback into another revision and send it off to my new editor, Lynn. Then (if the sample pages she did for me this weekend that led me to say “you’re hired” in about eight seconds are any indication) she will rip the thing to absolute shreds and I’ll spend a few weeks putting it […]

Screw Cancer – you can help

This was originally going to be a sad piece about not having the right words at the right time. You see, a young woman I went to high school with died last night from leukemia. It sucks. She was a sweet person, and even though I hadn’t seen her in 20 years, she was good people growing up and her older sister (who I was much better friends with because we were in the same grade) is still good people. She left behind a loving family including three young kids, all under ten. So I had a post written (twice) […]

New Short Story Available!

Saturday I sat down at the computer and decided to do something I’d never done before – write, edit and publish a short story all in one day. I had the kernel of an idea for a short story with the Black Knight boys (& Sabrina), and thought I could probably get it into decent short story length, but there wasn’t nearly enough there for a novel. For those interested in definitions, most people count flash fiction as under 1,000 words, a short story as 1,000-10,000 words. Some folks put the cap at 7,500 words on the high side, but […]

Revisiting older work

So I started Return to Eden right after I finished The Chosen. Then I put it aside for a couple of years, and just recently (like this week) got back to work on it. I’ve written three novels and a collection of poetry in the interim, and it’s been an interesting experience to look back on the bits I’d written and see how my writing style has changed in just a couple of years. Now it might have only been two years since the time I started the project and the time I came back to it, but those have […]

Another pricing post – yeah, I know

I’m a little tired of them, too. But it’s still a big question. I was reading Nathan Bransford’s blog this morning and he has a poll asking people what they think an ebook should cost. Well, here’s my greedy, whorish, completely money-grubbing response to that question. An ebook should cost whatever makes the author and publisher the most money. If that means $2.99 maximizes sales without costing profit, then it should cost $2.99. If that means $4.99, then it should cost $4.99. If the most beneficial sales quantity v. revenue per sale price point is $14.99, then a book should […]

Done and done

Well, partially done, at least. Last night i finished the first draft of Knight Moves, book 3 of The Black Knight Chronicles. There are some spots in this book that are darker than the two that have gone before, but I think there’s still enough humor in there to avoid becoming too gloomy. I introduced a bucketload of new characters this time around, some of whom will be around for several books to come, and some of whom die horrible, grisly deaths by the end of this books. And in other related news, I have an overwhelming desire to spell […]

End of the Road…

Or more to the point, this marks the final stop on my blog tour by The Bookish Snob. I don’t have enough thanks for all the great people who’ve hosted me over the past several weeks, it’s been a lot of fun posting all over the internet, answering interview questions and meeting some new folks (virtually). Hopefully some of you will make it out to a signing or a con someday and we’ll be able to meet face to face. I know, destroys the whole concept of the internet, this real life meeting thing. But since I moved out of […]